Comments from Co-workers



I think our company gives the young employees chances to work abroad a lot. You can grow up through the experience of working with those who have various culture backgrounds. Though it is sometimes very hard to work in a different environment as you can imagine, I'm sure you can get great memories which you could never have and imagine in Japan!



To be honest, I am a person who desires to stay in Japan, so I appreciate our company listening to what we really want. Moreover, our company sometimes considers circumstances and wishes of employees such as partners' work or family matter, and that is actually really cool, I think.



It is precious for me that I can realize the exact products which I had developed have been distributed in the world. This is my opinion but it is very important to do or choose a rewarding job, and my department R&D might be No.1 when it comes to a sense of satisfaction.


Sales & Marketing

With a feeling of responsibility as the representative of Nisshinbo brake, I'm working for global customers like automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers. I have a great sense of accomplishment when I finally launch a project cooperating with relevant sections within the company or customers.


Car Lovers

Every hot summer, Nisshinbo Brake Inc. sponsors the Formula SAE Japan - Monozukuri Design Competition - in Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka prefecture. In the company PR booth, young members give explanations to the visitors and enjoy watching the races to make the competition even more exciting.



I'm working short-time while raising my baby. Until my children are in the third grade of elementary school, I can shorten the working time by up to three hours a day. The system really helps me to juggle both childcare and working.


Club Activity

I belong to the baseball team of Tatebayashi plant. Each site of Nisshinbo has its own team and they have a lot of fun playing baseball. Club activity gives me a chance to know others who I cannot interact with in my normal work, and it expands a network of connections. There are cultural club activities such as calligraphy club or igo club as well!



Dormitory for Tokyo Headoffice is 1K, and for Tatebayashi Plant 3LDK for two or three members. Sharing a house with co-workers was much more fun than I had expected, as well as more economical. Cheap rent is definately wallet-friendly, isn' it?


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